Program Overview

 The Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies degree program is for those who want to deepen their understanding of the Bible, theological issues, and cross-cultural perspectives; and develop an analytical approach to historical and contemporary issues in mission and ministry skills. The program integrates evangelism, community development, church planting, peacemaking, contextual theology, and the urban mission. 

Program Objectives

The objective of the Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies program is to help students to

1. understand the Bible and its historical, geographical, and cultural background;

2. understand the various concepts of mission, including evangelism, social mission, urban mission, and Missio Dei;

3. comprehend the different characteristics of urban and global mission issues in terms of theology, anthropology, and sociology;

4. demonstrate an increased understanding of different cultures, their social customs, and their peoples..

For more information please download  Underwood University 2019-2020 Catalog