Program Overview

 The Master’s in Intercultural Studies degree program is for those who want to deepen their understanding of cross-cultural perspectives; develop an analytical approach to the historical and contemporary issues in mission, ministry skills; and take advantage of other opportunities in missions. It is designed to equip students to carry out mission tasks effectively and to provide them with opportunities to serve around the globe. 

Program Objectives

 Graduates of MAIS will 

  1. Demonstrate how to integrate evangelism, community development, church planting, peace-making, contextual theology, and the urban mission.
  2. Utilize culturally and socially different perspectives on urban and global mission issues in theology, anthropology, and sociology.
  3. Review their respective ministries in missions and intercultural studies through academic excellence, critical reflection, and faithful witness.

For more information please download  Underwood University 2018-2019 Catalog