Program Overview

Underwood University’s MBA program is designed to enable students to advance in their careers by developing professional leadership, strategizing, and creative thinking skills, while taking into account the ever-changing global business environment. Students enrolled in this program learn to critically analyze information in order to solve high-level problems and master new business practices, theories and competencies. 

Program Objectives

 Upon completion of the program, our MBA graduates are competent in the following:

  1. Leadership and Teamwork - exercise appropriate leadership, value diverse perspectives and skills, and work collaboratively to accomplish organizational goals in a changing environment. 
  2. Social, Environmental, and Economic Responsibility - make decisions based on an awareness of relevant stakeholders, ethical considerations, and an attempt to create and sustain social, environmental, and economic value.
  3. Functional Depth with Integrative Ability - deep functional knowledge and multiple functional skills and perspectives concurrently to shape comprehensive responses to business challenges and opportunities.
  4. Managing in a Global Environment - recognize and evaluate global opportunities while incorporating cultural context and complexities associated with managing in a global environment.

For more information please download  Underwood University 2018-2019 Catalog